Carlo Papa, Director of the Enel Foundation and a Siebel Energy Institute Industrial Advisory Board member, spoke at Politecnico di Torino earlier this year.

Papa’s talk was the keynote presentation at Politecnico di Torino’s first Siebel Energy Institute workshop. Close to 100 attendees took part in the day-long energy science workshop, which fostered interaction among Siebel Energy Institute and Siebel Scholars researchers.

Siebel Energy Institute grantees from Politecnico di Torino—including Ettore Bompard, Giuseppe Carlo Calafiore, Gian Paolo Cimellaro, John Vincenzo Fracastoro, and Carlo Novara—  gave presentations about their research at the workshop.

The meeting ended with a presentation by Federico de Bosio, Politecnico di Torino’s first Energy Science Siebel Scholar.

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