Forrest Meggers’ research explores natural methods for heating and cooling of buildings. The experimental, naturally cooled dome he built was featured in the Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Constructed with 128 robotically fabricated pieces of white foam, the Thermoheliodome pumps chilled water from a cooling tower to stick-shaped surfaces that point into the structure’s interior. Cone-shaped indentations lined with reflective material inside the partial dome allow the chilled temperatures from the sticks to reach all over the surface of the structure with minimal cooling of the surrounding air.

Forrest Meggers is the Assistant Professor, School of Architecture & the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment at Princeton University. PI Meggers leads the CHAOS Lab (Cooling and Heating for Architecturally Optimized Systems).

Dr. Meggers leads projects that bridge from fundamental science and engineering to design and realization. His highly interdisciplinary team, including supports projects around the theme of advanced energy systems that consider entropy and exergy as well as holistic environmental performance analysis metrics. Read more about Meggers’ research.