Institute Programs

Fostering High-Impact Collaborations


Seed Funding of Development of Large Proposals

Twice a year the Institute invites researchers to submit brief proposals for seed grants to develop larger submissions to government entities and foundations. One-time grants of $50,000 are available.  

Matching Grants for Successfully Funded Projects

For successfully funded and eligible projects, the Institute awards matching grants up to 20% of the contract or award amount per year, capped at $75,000 per year.

Industrial Advisory Board

The Industrial Advisory Board is an exclusive industry partner program that fosters active collaboration between the private sector and the Institute members and researchers. Members, including senior officials from energy companies and utilities, and other stakeholder organizations, act as advisors, reviewers, and mentors, offering timely input on energy-sector-related industrial and societal needs and trends.

Siebel Energy Institute Research Conferences

The Institute holds an annual conference to disseminate the results of the projects associated with the Institute. Academic researchers, Siebel Energy Institute Industrial Advisory Board, utility companies, energy companies, and other stakeholders are invited to attend.>

Selected Topical Research Workshops

The Institute will hold special in-depth, two-day workshops on new and emerging areas and methods for energy analytics as necessary.

Siebel Scholars

The Institute coordinates with the Siebel Scholars Foundation each year to select nine students from among the consortium universities to receive $35,000 as a merit-based award to defray the costs of their education.

Research Publicly Available

To maximize the impact of research and its long-term benefits to society, research outcomes will be publicly available. Funding recipients and project participants are strongly encouraged to grant Non-Exclusive Royalty Free (NERF) licenses in the specific projects in which the inventions are made and in all intellectual property created.