With the Class of 2016, the Siebel Scholars program expanded to recognize outstanding leaders in the field of energy science. Seven PhD students were given a $35,000 award and joined a lifelong community of over 1,000 Siebel Scholars worldwide.

The Siebel Scholars program was established by the Siebel Foundation in 2000 through grants to 16 universities in the United States, China, France, Italy, and Japan. Each year, top graduate students from 25 partner programs are honored as Siebel Scholars and receive a $35,000 award for their final year of studies.  The 90 Class of 2016 Siebel Scholars will join a vibrant community of global leaders who collaborate, communicate, and institute meaningful change.

With the introduction of energy science, Siebel Scholars will include top talent from several institutions already participating in the program, and from three universities new to the initiative: École Polytechnique, Politecnico di Torino, and The University of Tokyo. Siebel Scholars are chosen by the deans of their respective schools on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated leadership. On average, Siebel Scholars rank in the top 5% of their class, many within the top 1%. See the nominees on the Siebel Scholars website.